Our Invetrics™ system continues to perform exceptionally well as our members have already experienced. Here are the Invetrics™ Top 5 trades published to our premium Gold members, resulting in an annual 11.06% return on average for years 2020-2022! 

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Our system has an established track record for many years now. We used an earlier version of the Invetrics™ system to determine when to buy and sell selected securities during the simulated CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge conducted within the 10 weeks of 11/17/08 to 1/23/09. The system achieved an 81.5% return during that time, placing it at the top 1% of contestants. The S&P 500 had a -4.7% return during the same period.

It accomplished this by buying and selling stocks, as well as switching between long and short ETFs. Some of the ETFs involved were 2x leveraged ProShares ETFs. Note though that volatility was very high at the time, due to the financial crisis, and such performance is not likely to be duplicated at more recent, lower volatility levels.

The Invetrics™ timing signals provide you IN ADVANCE OF MARKET OPEN the specific stock / ETF names, the type of trade (Long vs. Short), and the limit price at which it wants to enter or exit the position.

Here is what some of our members had to say about Invetrics™:

“I would like to commend you on the quality of your content. I suspect that in time you will be quite successful as word gets around. I am a casual day trader, 2 or 3 a week, and find short term, highly specific data such as you supply to be very useful. As anything, trading the market is not the easiest form of money-making and any edge is to be appreciated.”

Bruce (U.S.A.)

“As a member for one month, I have been very impressed with timing of the Sector Favored Posture signals, to the extent that they have been very profitable. They have the uncanny ability to reverse at the correct time.”

Brian (Australia)

“Thanks very much. I’ve already made my membership fee for the next year and have only been a member less than a month! I really like the variety of investment choices offered. Thanks again”

John (U.S.A.)

“I traded options on AAPL short and FSLR long seeing your indicators + my own charts and reasonings to back my money going into the traded options. I earned a 50% return on each trade… Looking just at the charts personally I didn’t see a full endorsable trade I would stand behind but once it became clear I suppose they helped. I’m just going to keep following your indicators seeking early entry trades. I’m usually only in a trade for 1-2 days so the right entry point/exit point is very important.”

Paul (U.S.A.)

“You were right in your advertisement: selling just my half AA position, I grabbed gains that overcovered my 1 year Premium subscription to Invetrics™. Thank you!”

Al (Greece)

“I just had a chance to trace back through your past posting threads and have to say “wow, I’m impressed!” I followed back looking at the “favored posture” tables with dates to the last usable table… The track record from that point onwards to now is very nice indeed… The brilliant part I see is that you offer trading signals on ETFs and stocks that have daily volume high enough, only a multi-billionaire could affect.”

Mike (U.S.A.)

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